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What you can do with Openkey Protocol?

Decentralized E-commerce.

The fact you can pay with crypto on a lot of e-commerce website dose not mean decentralization, is just a way of paying. A real decentralized E-commerce platform is as well a missing piece of Web3 World. Using Openkey, it is very easy to sell digital products or content and not only. Checkout Sell Rule.

Access data by rights. Paywalls.

Imagine you have some private data(text, image, video, audio...or anything) that you want to keep it on blockchain(IPFS or anywhere), and you want to give users access to this data only based on some rules, for example only users who own a specific NFT or Token (or from a specific wallet address, or time, or if they know a password...etc). Checkout

Private data in NFTs.

With Openkey it is very easy to add an aditional property into the NFT Metadata with the IPFS URL of your Secret and let ONLY the owner of that NFT to access/decrypt that private data.


Anywhere you need to use private/encrypted data, and let other to access that data only if they fulfill your condition.