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The missing piece of Web3.

Private data on public networks
key encryption
Securing Private Data in a Decentralized World
A groundbreaking solution designed to address the challenges of data privacy, secure storage, and controlled access in the decentralized Web3 ecosystem. Openkey enables users to harness the full potential of public networks, seamlessly integrating with multiple blockchains and providing robust encryption and access control capabilities.
*Yet Platform Agnostic
of Decryption
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Encrypt and Decrypt anything rule/condition based, on-chain and off-chain.

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Openkey SDK

Using Openkey SDK you can easly interact with the Openkey Network by creating new Secrets, store them wherever you want (blockchain, IPFS, cloud) and let other people to decrypt the secret based on your own RoD.More

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Openkey Network

Openkey Network it is a fully decentralized network, made up of many independent validators that do not communicate with each other and they don't have access to your data. More

Implementation on your website

In order for someone to access your secret data, it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions: like Paying for decryption, own a specific NFT, own a Token(like a Paywall) or any other 'RoD' that the creator of the Secret choose. More


Use Cases

Enables a wide range of use cases that cater to various industries, niches, and user requirements.

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Digital Content Monetization

Enables content creators to sell access to their digital assets, such as articles, e-books, music, videos, and more, using a decentralized and secure platform.

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Paywalled Services

Create paywalled platforms where users can access premium content or features based on specific rules or conditions.

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NFT-powered Access Control

NFT creators can embed private data within their NFT metadata, granting exclusive access to the data for NFT holders.

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Decentralized Identity Management

Securely store and manage sensitive identity information, such as personal data, credentials, or certificates.

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Secure Collaboration

Facilitate secure and private collaboration within decentralized environments, such as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) or distributed teams.

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Data Privacy for dApps

Developers can leverage Openkey Protocol to add an additional layer of privacy and security to their dApps.

Easy to integrate in your project

Start building applications that were impossible before. You can safely encrypt, store and decrypt data on decentralized networks by your needs.

Quick Start

No more limits

Now you can unleash the imagination, the impossible has become possible. Openkey enables tons of new features on Web3.

  • Decentralized E-commerce

    The fact you can pay with crypto on a lot of e-commerce website dose not mean decentralization, is just a way of paying. A real decentralized E-commerce platform is as well a missing piece of Web3 World. Using Openkey, it is very easy to sell digital products or content and not only. Checkout Sell Rule.

  • Access data by rights. Paywalls.

    Imagine you have some private data(text, image, video, audio...or anything) that you want to keep it on blockchain(IPFS or anywhere), and you want to give users access to this data only based on some rules, for example only users who own a specific NFT or Token (or from a specific wallet address, or time, or if they know a password...etc). Checkout

  • Private data in NFTs.

    With Openkey it is very easy to add an aditional property into the NFT Metadata with the IPFS URL of your Secret and let ONLY the owner of that NFT to access/decrypt that private data.

  • Free & Open Source

    Openkey SDK, Openkey Validators and Openkey Smart Contracts are fully open source. Openkey is FREE to use. You can develop on the Public Openkey Network or you can build your own without restriction.


Run your own validators

Your validators will be approved by one of the existing validators

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Create a new validator

Fill in the form to create a new validator through Openkey